AS3000 Wiring Rules Changes – Free Seminar @ HPM Knoxfield, 3pm & 6pm

Free Seminar - AS 3000 Wiring Rules Changes for Electricians and Electrical Workers

This Thursday we’re running 2 seminars on the AS3000 changes, at HPM Knoxfield at 3pm and 6pm.
We will be covering lots of changes including
Mandatory RCD protection
Changes to MEN arrangements for Multi-Occ’s and Outbuildings
New Definitions, Shalls and Shoulds for clarification
Isolation of Air Cons and Hot Water systems
New exclusion zones around cooktops
Pool, Spa and Slab earthing arrangements
New requirements for Lifts
An overview of Section 7 which has been completely rewritten
But hey, I could fill this email with a list of the changes – there’s hundreds of them!
Come and see what the main changes are and how they’ll affect your business.
Improve the quality of your work and save yourself time and money by knowing the new Regs in advance.
Don’t miss this! It will be great to have you there, there will be refreshments and a handout of what we cover.
There is only room for 40 people so book now.
Be quick, click the link below to book your spot
Have a Great Day,
Alan Williams
Electrical Inspector
04999 00225
Free Phone Advice on VSIRs, AS3000 and information specific to your job
Electrical Training Online AS 3000 Changes Free Seminar

Electrical Training Online AS 3000 Changes Free Seminar

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