Avoid Audit Defects Training Course – Wed 16 Nov 1.30-4.30pm @HPM

25% Defect Rate? What the Heck ?!?

25% Defect Rate?  What the Heck ?!?

Hey mate,

The busy-ness is kicking in – don’t become a statistic!

Did you know that there was a 25% Defect Rate in Nov – Dec 2015 out of the hundreds of audits I carried out?

That means 1 in 4 jobs failed an audit and 1 in 4 guys had to go back & fix up a mistake.

Instead of being able to move on to the next job and keep making more money, 1 in 4 guys had to spend their time & money dragging themselves back to a job, probably on the other side of the city, to fix some mistake like stick a label back on!

Don’t be That Guy! Come along to our Avoid Audit Defects course & learn the Top 50 Audit Defects that use up your valuable time & money.

Learn how to avoid the little mistakes where you can come undone & have to be dragged back to a job to fix it up, or worse, where you could end up having to pay $100’s of dollars to rectify.

Take advantage of having direct access to an experienced Auditing Inspector who’s carried out over 5,000 audits!

You’ll be the one who knows the little things to look out for, that’ll be able to keep you moving on to the next job without having to go back to your previous ones. You’ll be able to keep moving on to better paying jobs, because you’ll know the insider information about what an auditor for ESV is really looking for.

Bring all your questions and get the info you need to help you keep moving on to bigger and higher profit jobs, and most of all, come along and upskill.

At 3 hours for $95, it’s a solid investment into yourself and your business – you can’t afford not to be there!

Register by return email or text message or just come along on the day, the more the merrier!

Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer, with a receipt or invoice issued to you via email.

BONUS: I’ll be giving you a Sneak Peek at my New course that I’ll be running from early next year: Advanced Testing Techniques!

Last Training for this year : Next week!

Wednesday 16th Nov
1.30pm to 4pm
@HPM Knoxfield
4 Forbes Close,

As always, on to bigger and better jobs!
Have a Great Day,
Alan Williams
Electrical Inspector
04999 00225
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