Multi Unit Site & Group Metering Arrangements Training – Wed 16 Nov – Pizza @6.30-9pm @Middy’s Mulgrave

12 Units from 100A supply?? $4000 Driveway Mistake?? What the Heck?!?

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Hey mate,

Multi unit jobs are supposed to be about higher profit, right? Not about losing all your profit and then some, just because you didn’t know the right questions to ask!

Want to lose $4,000 because of a Driveway Mistake, or pay up $7,000 to re-wire an entire installation? Nah, thought not!! The thing is, some guys have had to cough up $1000’s to rectify their mistakes on multi unit sites, and worse, some have had the builder on their back trying to get them to fix his mistake! No way, the buck stops with Them, not us! We don’t want you to get caught out and have to pay through the nose just to finish your job, and I know you don’t want to either!

Don’t Risk your Valuable Time & Money!

Before you quote, or go any further in your multi unit job, Stop!

Upskill & get the Know-how you need to provide Cheaper Quotes & Higher Profits!

Come to my Multi Unit Sites & Group Metering Arrangements Training Course next Wednesday Evening and learn everything you need to know to ask the right questions, quote cheaper, save your time & keep your money in your own pocket!

I’ll also show you exactly how to wire up 3 to 12 units from a 100 Amp supply, and still give each unit 63 Amps Maximum Demand.

Impossible? It can be done! The power companies are pushing supply agreements further down all the time on building projects and they aren’t budging. It’s up to you to learn the new ways to get around this and be able to comply with their requirements. Instead of being able to give only 8 Amps per unit, you’ll know how to give each unit a 63 Amp supply, and at a cheaper cost too!

Fred (not his real name) wired up 12 units off a 100 Amp supply up in St Georges Rd, Brunswick, and Fred 2 (not his real name either) wired up 16 units from a 160 Amp supply in Cheltenham. Both were able to give each unit 63 Amp supply. Be like Fred, and get the information you need to keep moving up to bigger and higher profit jobs.

Take advantage of having direct access to an experienced power industry inspector who has the top Compliance Officers from ESV and the power companies on speed dial, and learn the tricks of the trade that keep you moving ahead.

For 3 hours at $95, it’s a solid investment into yourself and your business – you can’t afford not to be there!

Register by return email or text message or just come along on the day, the more the merrier!

Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer, with a receipt or invoice issued to you via email.

Last Training for this year : Next week!

Pizza @ 6.30pm, supplied by Middy’s

Wed Evening 16th November – 6.30pm to 9pm
@Middy’s Mulgrave Smart Centre
214 Wellington Rd, Mulgrave
As always, on to bigger and better jobs!
Have a Great Day,
Alan Williams
Electrical Inspector
04999 00225
Free Phone Advice on VSIRs, AS3000 and information specific to your job

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