Multi-Unit Sites & Group Metering Arrangements – Electrical Training Evening – Wed 28 Sep 6.30pm

Wed 28th Sep @Middy’s Mulgrave Smart Centre – Multi-Unit Sites & Group Metering Arrangements Training Night
214 Wellington Rd, Mulgrave
6:30pm to 9pm – Pizza & Refreshments supplied by Middy’s
Coming up next week is my Multi Unit Site & Group Metering Arrangements Training Course.
I cover in detail all the requirements and configurations as well as the things that will trip you up & could cost you over $7,000 on a single 2 unit job!
It really is great information, we’ve had a couple of guys get right into 16 unit sites & a few are now doing 6-10 unit sites. We’ve also had a couple of guys wire up 12 units on only a 100 Amp supply, & 16 units off a 140 Amp supply, and they were able to give each unit 63 Amp supply!

Other guys have come along & realised they need to change things or they’d be up for significant losses. The amount saved so far by the guys doing my course & getting the right info is over $12,000 – amazing hey! I don’t want you to be the one losing your money, so register below & come along to get the good info.

How can you wire up 12 units from a 100 Amp supply, or 16 units from a 140 Amp supply, and still give each of them 63 Amps Maximum Demand???
Take advantage of having direct access to an experienced power industry inspector – come to our Multi-Unit Sites & Group Metering Arrangements Training Night at Middy’s Mulgrave next Wed 28th Sep @ 6.30pm, Pizza & Refreshments supplied by Middy’s. Bring all your questions & get the info you need to win bigger, higher profit jobs!
Would you like to quote on the bigger Multi-Unit Sites? Want help determining Group Metering requirements and Supply arrangements? Do you know the regulations governing ODDs, SPDs, SCCDs, Group Metering arrangements, & all the variations specific to your job? 
Want to know how can you wire up 12 units from a 100 Amp supply, or 16 units from a 140 Amp supply, and still give each of them 63 Amps Maximum Demand??? 
Attend our live training with Alan & get the info you need to win the big jobs! 2.5 hrs for just $95 – it’s an investment into your training & your business.
With this training and resources at your fingertips you’ll know that all your jobs are accurate and will pass inspection and connection requirements, you can quote accurately to win more jobs, and more importantly, win bigger & better paying jobs!
Held regularly in the south east suburbs, this one will be held at Middy’s Smart Centre in Mulgrave, 214 Wellington Rd, on Wednesday, 28th September from 6.30pm to 9pm. 
Pizza and Refreshments will be supplied by Middy’s, so come along and ask all the questions you want!
We will email you an invoice for your attendance on the night.
If you don’t get to register beforehand, just come along! The more the merrier, bring all your questions and be prepared to discuss all things electrical.
Clint was given only a 100 Amp supply from Citipower, and was able to wire up 12 units. CH wired up 16 units from a 140 Amp supply in Cheltenham. Both were still able to give every unit 63 Amps Maximum Demand – How??? Come along to find out all the ins and outs.
Sally has come along to this course twice and is now quoting on 6-unit sites. 
Michael has also attended previously and says:
My main advantage from the course was to learn more about the supply arrangements to multi unit development sites.I was then able to achieve a better understanding of larger distribution switchboards in common property areas, including the underground cabling requirements to supply each unit or factory.
Register now for one-time attendance for $95 or subscribe for $70 per month for access to discounted attendance at every live event plus access to our members only area on our website, containing videos of every live training course conducted throughout the year, as well as pdf transcripts, audio files, checklists and training charts, workbooks and more!
PS. Check with your accountant, but for many of you this training will be a tax deduction. Hope to see you there.
As always guys, on to bigger and better jobs!
Have a Great Day,
Alan Williams
Electrical Inspector
04999 00225
Free Phone Advice on VSIRs, AS3000 and information specific to your job