Michael from Mikelec says:

G’day Guys!

I’ve known Electrical Inspector Alan Williams for 2 years now from when I first responded to his mail advertising.

Alan has been inspecting all my Prescribed electrical jobs once I made that switch over. HA HA!!

And in addition to Alan’s prompt electrical inspecting, (like many of you) I appreciate the updates from the Electrical Distributors and other important electrical information he sends on to us via his emails.

And of course, the “Fail Electrical” web site is most entertaining as well as educational for many of us as electricians and others who take interest in the electrical field.

Some photos I’ve taken have also been added to Fail Electrical.

My first main benefit here has made me think more from an Electrical Inspectors point of view, especially when jobs are near completion, so always remember the little things – such as good and thorough labeling of electrical equipment for an impressive finish!

Well, as requested I have the privilege to present my feedback from Alan’s first VSIR training course I attended last year.

My main advantage from the course was to learn more about the supply arrangements to multi unit development sites.

I was then able to achieve a better understanding of larger distribution switchboards in common property areas, including the underground cabling requirements to supply each unit or factory.

I was interested to attend the course, due to the work I regularly do for a Body Corporate to maintain the public lighting and power systems in common property areas.

As a sole trader, I’m not as likely to work on the larger site developments or on the larger distribution switchboards (apart from the public lighting & power wiring).

However, I would definitely recommend attending Alan’s VSIR training courses so electrical workers can be more familiar with the supply arrangements to the larger sites.

Best of luck to those of you who attend Alan’s next training course this year!


Michael Johnston

Mikelec Electrical Service